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Strategy Execution Playbook

January 2024

If you are currently working on a strategic initiative and don’t quite know what to do at this stage, this trusted companion provides you with a step by step guide for leading strategic initiatives by intertwining theoretical frameworks with practical tools.

It provides you with guidance on which tools to use when. Embedded throughout the book are execution and change management suggestions that will help you think through both growth and operational efficiency initiatives. In addition, we have included real world examples will bring the frameworks to life.

This Playbook is designed to be a trusted companion for sponsors, teams or leaders of strategic initiatives. It provides the necessary theoretical frameworks and practical tools to help guide teams in successfully implementing strategic initiatives (interchangeably referred to as “projects” in this Playbook).

The Playbook follows a methodological guideline for implementing both “exploratory initiatives” and “exploitative initiatives.” This is done in a step-by-step, modular way (explained in more detail in the ”Setting up for success” section). The Playbook’s structure broadly follows the phases of a strategic initiative’s execution – EXPLORE–DEVELOP–DO–EMBED


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