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Your blended learning journey

Benefit from mentoring support, group work, executive and peer coaching throughout your journey.

Your blended learning journey

Benefit from mentoring support, group work, executive and peer coaching throughout your journey.

A blended immersive journey to create sustainable impact
Step 1 – Set up for success

LiVe virtual, 2 half-days

In this first step, we kick off the program together to ensure that you get the best value for yourself and your organization. During these liVe sessions, you will meet other participants from home learning groups and launch your mentoring program. You will also work with business leaders to bring external insights and expertise from many industries into your own organization through the mentoring program. Additionally, you will dive into an exploration of today’s complex business challenges and what these mean for you as an emerging leader going forward.

Step 2 – Master business fundamentals

Online, 8 weeks, 8 hours a week

During this online component, you will master the core business fundamentals and deep dive into the key building blocks of business:

  • Strategy design and execution
  • Business finance
  • Digital marketing
  • Innovation
  • Customer centricity
  • AI and digital resilience
  • Value/supply chains
  • Business and society

This component of the program is designed to build and strengthen your business acumen to enable you to lead confidently within cross-functional management roles.

Over this period, you will also work on your in-company business project, as well as on short, applied team projects. You will engage regularly with your mentor, coach, and leadership group.

Step 3 – Lead tomorrow’s challenge

On campus, 10 days

In this module, you will join us on campus to consolidate your learning and experience. Through an immersive integration, you will practice and expand on foundational topics covered in Step 2. You will deepen your knowledge by applying these concepts to increasingly relevant business challenges including digital transformation, high-paced innovation, and business sustainability.

During this time, you will also continue to work on your in-company challenge so you can make the connection between theory and practice to bring real value to your organization.

Through a leadership lab in the mountains, you will further enhance and refine your leadership skills, discover your individual purpose, and experiment with new ways of being and relating to others.

Step 4 – Move into your new future

LiVe virtual, 1 day

In this final step, you will present and get feedback on the progress you have made on your in-company business project from both your peers and key stakeholders within your organization. You and your class will celebrate your success and commit to future action.

Future Leaders is grounded in actionable learning from day one, leveraging three key elements throughout your journey.

In-company project

Identify a business project to create value in your organization and lead it from inception to execution. Create positive impact when back at work, as you execute your initiative using the skills and tools you learned throughout.

Executive coaching

Get key inputs from executives coaches throughout to perfect your leadership style. Build on your strengths and harness your areas of development through practice in groups or individually.


Build on exchanges with a business leader to increase your self-confidence, develop your growth mindset, and expand your network. Your mentor will become a powerful asset on your professional development journey.