High-impact results for your career

Make your mark on your career, your team, and your organization.

High-impact results for your career

Make your mark on your career, your team, and your organization.

High impact for you and your organization

IMD’s Future Leaders program is designed to develop critical business and leadership skills to drive your organization’s long-term impact and sustainability. The combination of live virtual, online, and face-to-face learning helps fast-track acquisition of key skills while providing an avenue to practice and deploy these immediately into the working world to create real-time and sustainable impact.

When we say “real impact”, we mean it. After attending IMD’s Future Leaders Program, participants stated:

“I gained fresh knowledge and insights.”
“I have become a more effective executive.”
“I have taken practical steps that enhance the performance of my team and organization.”
“I recommend IMD to a peer or a colleague.”

*Survey of 2023 program participants.

Future Leaders was a life-changing experience, with talented young leaders from around the world ready to shape their industries and make the world a better place.

 - IMD Business School
Diego Vázquez Gutiérrez Key European Account Manager, Mondi Group, Spain

You don’t just gain knowledge from this program but practice it so that you have immediate impact back at work.

 - IMD Business School
Ellie Bourdilloud Head of M&A, LEXR, Switzerland

Advice from program mentors was key. I never realized before that mentors can really help you in furthering your career.

 - IMD Business School
Liesbeth Haspeslagh Senior Early Stage Development Scientist, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Belgium

Deep-diving into leadership, self-reflection and our impact on others transformed me. The power of feedback was one of my key takeaways.

 - IMD Business School
Joonas Sainio Head of Professional Services, Basemark Oy, Finland

The blended format is ideal, as you get the learnings while still being able to deliver at work.

 - IMD Business School
Javier Bilbao Innovation & IP Strategy Manager, Melexis, Switzerland
Train your top talent in partnership with IMD

Future Leaders is uniquely designed to develop your organization’s next generation of leaders. Partnering with IMD offers unparalleled benefits:

Drive company success

Strengthen your company’s long-term competitiveness and resilience, with a pipeline of top-tier talent equipped with key competencies to drive success.

Accelerate transitions

Accelerate readiness to transition to higher levels of responsibility in an increasingly complex and fast-changing environment.

Outside-in perspective

Gain outside-in perspectives with the chance to connect with peers, industry experts, and alumni. Facilitate knowledge sharing and future collaborations.

Retain top talent

Ensure continuity and success. Retain, and grow your top talent with demonstrated commitment to leadership development and career advancement.

Cutting-edge curriculum

Access a cutting-edge curriculum delivered by expert faculty, integrating research, industry best practices and intensive skills building, aligned with the latest leadership trends.

“We are connected for life.”

Building strong relationships is core to the program. At a recent reunion on IMD’s Lausanne campus, Future Leaders alumni spoke with enthusiasm about the importance of their community and the impact of the program.

Discover Future Leaders’ impact on individuals and teams

Individuals and teams from all over the world join this program to build their essential business and leadership skills – hear some of their stories.