Your virtual learning journey

A powerful, personal transformation in three stages.

Your virtual learning journey

A powerful, personal transformation in three stages.

IMD’s Transformational Leader program is a personalized transformation journey which unlocks the full potential of your leadership in three stages: mindful, resilient and adaptive.

Each stage drives rapid growth and development of a key leadership strength. The cumulative development of all three strengths creates a powerful and complete leadership journey, supercharging you with the awareness, resilience and versatility to deliver much greater impact and successfully lead change – whatever your challenge.

Stage 1 – Mindful

Lead in the moment

Every moment is unique. Becoming a more mindful leader means being aware and attentive in the moment so you can make smarter decisions and deliver highly impactful results. Until you become aware, your existing roles, scripts and routines can be like leadership prisons. They restrict your choices and limit your impact as a leader.

  • Discover how to build your “mindfulness muscle”.
  • Deeply explore your authority, personal boundaries and purpose.
  • Examine the roles, scripts and routines that you rely on and consider effective alternatives.
  • Unlock powerful new approaches to your leadership.
Stage 2 – Resilient

Lead in complex contexts

Your leadership context is shaped by your teams and organization and is usually a complex collection of competing needs and goals. These collectives can make you feel anxious or excited, confused or focused, competitive or invisible, etc. How can you successfully exercise your leadership role in these complex contexts?

  • Understand the dynamics of groups, teams, and organizations and the challenges they pose for your leadership.
  • Make sense of the patterns and dynamics of groups or collectives to which you belong.
  • Learn when to intervene and when not to; when to hold the tension and when to release it.
  • Explore effective techniques to intervene through powerful dialogue and discussion.
Stage 3 – Adaptive

Transform your future

Discover how your organization can learn, adapt and change, and how you can learn and grow as a leader at the same time. Understand that transformation is bigger than your plan or purpose. It is about your identity as a leader and as an organization.

  • Organize for adaptiveness: reorganize, re-energize and engage people in new opportunities while being careful to preserve what needs to stay the same.
  • Experiment with different leadership tools that enable adaptability.
  • Inspire others to transform through effective dialogue and action.
  • Discover your “inner transformer” and take control of your destiny, that of your team, and that of your organization.