Your Winning Sustainability Strategies learning journey

Designed to help you unlock new business opportunities with sustainable business practices.

Your Winning Sustainability Strategies learning journey

Designed to help you unlock new business opportunities with sustainable business practices.

Build a strong business case for sustainability and propel your business forward

During this five-week journey, you will build a strong business case for sustainability, better understanding your purpose, your strengths and weaknesses, and emerging opportunities for innovation. You will establish the appropriate targets and monitoring mechanisms, as well as aligning systems required to propel your business forward.

Supported by your executive coach, you will leave with your own action plan, essential for stakeholder buy-in, and all the tools and frameworks to confidently lead your sustainability transformation.

The program is structured in five units, covering the following topics:

Unit 1: Business in a changing world

  • Find out about the SDGs and sustainability trends.
  • Identify key global sustainability trends relevant to your 3-5 year business strategy.
  • Learn about the vectoring model and its component parts.
  • Complete the sustainability scoresheet for your organization.
  • Meet your coach, buddy, and group.
Unit 2: Developing purpose-driven organizations

  • Understand the importance of focus on specific sustainability issues.
  • Learn about the concept of materiality.
  • Apply materiality to your own organization.
  • Reformulate company purpose.
Unit 3: Reporting on targets and progress

  • Learn how to design a robust sustainability reporting framework for your own company.
  • Understand how to embed the SDGs into your business strategy.
  • Find out how to successfully position sustainability within a modern business context.
Unit 4: Transformation towards a circular economy
  • Understand how to address opportunities and threats arising from the circular economy.
  • Apply tools such as the waste hierarchy and stakeholder partnerships.
  • Examine circular strategies for solution development.
Unit 5: Implementing sustainability 
  •  Learn how to create a high-level action plan to implement sustainability strategy in your organization.
  • Examine the potential of innovation platforms and collaborative networks.
  • Anticipate resistance and obtain superior engagement from teams.


You will have a dedicated executive coach, making sure you receive a highly individualized learning experience.

Your personal coach accompanies you through your 5-week learning journey on this Winning Sustainability Strategies online course. They provide support and feedback as you apply your learning directly into your workplace, where it has an immediate impact.

Their input helps you translate your learning to your particular context. By spreading this feedback regularly throughout the program, you’ll be sure to embed your ongoing learning directly in your daily work.

Your coach interacts with you via video, in writing, and over the phone. You have calls and written feedback spread across the 5 weeks at intervals that consolidate your learning.

Your learning coach helps you

Define your learning objectives
Review your progress on a weekly basis
Overcome your challenges
Translate what you learn to your own context