Your virtual learning journey

Designed to adapt, innovate, and disrupt to build your organization’s future readiness.

Your virtual learning journey

Designed to adapt, innovate, and disrupt to build your organization’s future readiness.

Future Readiness Strategy is a fully virtual program, enabling you to have an interactive and immersive IMD learning experience from anywhere in the world via state-of-the-art classroom technology.

The program is organized in five half-days spread over two weeks and led by IMD Professor Howard Yu. Each day includes a liVe Virtual class with Professor Howard Yu, and a self-paced session featuring a mixture of synchronous group interactions, pair discussions, individual assignments, asynchronous videos, and reading materials, which are completed between sessions to enhance the learning experience and the application of newly acquired insights. 

To maximize the impact of learning and encourage immediate application of insights, you can join this program as a team. You will tackle your specific challenges and opportunities together and turn your ideas into action for your business unit or organization. 

Unit 1
  • What does future readiness really mean – and how does it work?
Unit 2
  • How do you build new capabilities to avoid being commoditized?
  • How do you position to take advantage of that shift?
Unit 3
  • How do you set strategy in a world that is changing so rapidly?
  • What do you do when what you know is vastly outweighed by what you don’t know?
Unit 4
  • How do you win today and win tomorrow?
  • What investment will help you succeed, and what investment might poison your chances?
Unit 5
  • How do you assess timing of a reinvention?
  • When you imagine forward, what should you tell your stakeholders and what should you not tell?

Learning toolkit

liVe sessions with faculty
Videos & Readings
Group & individual work
Case study & simulation

Learning experience: designed for impact

Bite-sized knowledge for improved learning outcomes
- Micro-learning focused on knowledge retention and actionable insights.

Immediately applicable learning
- Program grounded in practical assignments to enhance immediate application of learning.

Dynamic and interactive sessions in real-time
- Unprecedented learning experience with world-class instruction and peer interaction, enabled by popular videoconferencing technology.

Built-in collaboration tools for maximum interaction
- Live Q&A and polling, and breakout discussions with faculty and learning manager.

Enhanced networking opportunities to maximize your connections
- High level of peer engagement in a virtual community setting, regular breakout activities and small group collaborations.

Easy-to-use videoconferencing technology
- Smooth user experience and seamless interaction.