The Digital Supply Chain Challenge

Breaking Through
254 pages

Digital supply chain has become a popular buzzword among industry executives, yet there has not been a clear picture of what exactly a digital supply chain is and how it can create value for a company. This book provides a very organized framework and journey for what constitutes a digital supply chain and how to make it possible. The book’s rich examples showcase best practices as well as innovative developments, providing the reader with real-life insights. Digital supply chain indeed has great potential, and the book gives you a powerful guide to get there. I congratulate the authors for this insightful contribution.

Prof. Hau L. Lee The Thoma Professor of Operations, Information & Technology, Stanford University and Co-Director, Value Chain Innovation Initiative

We have rapidly moved beyond islands of information technology implementation (e-commerce and Industry 4.0) towards total supply chain digitalization of the value stream and the organization. The authors are the first to provide thought pieces that help a new generation of supply chain leaders to effectively address digital transformation

Prof. Dr. Arnd Huchzermeier Professor in Production Management, WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management and Co-founder Industrial Excellence Award Europe

he future supply chain will be digital and powered by advanced analytics. While there are already some leading companies who set great examples of what digital supply chains can achieve, most companies are still at the beginning of the digital operations transformation journey. The authors in this book provide a great perspective for supply chain executives, where and how to begin this journey, with all its aspects ranging from technology to organizational change, enriched with frameworks and real-life case studies.

Dr. Marcus Ehrhardt Managing Director and Partner of Boston Consulting Group. Core member of the global operations practice and co-leader of the firm’s work on digital and analytics in biopharma operations

The challenges facing supply chain professionals are changing rapidly. Today, far from focusing on capital expenditures and logistics such as warehousing and distribution, supply chain executives are expected to understand all aspects of the business, appreciate the constraints and expectations of upstream and downstream partners, and possess sufficient technological savvy to navigate the bewildering array of options presented by Industry 4.0 and supply chain digitalization (SCD). This book is for them.

The Digital Supply Chain Challenge: Breaking Through is a distillation of the authors’ 50+ years of combined supply chain experience, both at the coal face and in the classroom. Their insights and observations – captured in short articles and best practice case studies – are brought together in one place for supply chain executives to consult at different times during their SCD voyage, to find benchmarks, relevant insights or even just to help formulate the right questions along the way. It is a sort of handbook to the essentials of digital supply chain transformation.


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