Case Study

Digital transformation in Swiss public broadcasting (B): Pause or play at SRF?

8 pages
March 2024
Reference: IMD-7-2533

Nathalie grappled with the divergent views in her head and from her team, evaluating a range of options: Persisting doggedly, halting completely, pausing temporarily, decelerating prudently or reconsidering and crafting a new strategy. The case discusses the cost of perseverance and provides an opportunity to explore the qualities of a CEO facing difficult choices in the face of public and private criticism during a global crisis.

Learning Objective
  • Explore the tension between perseverance, adaptability and strategic pivots.
  • Reflect on personal leadership and adaptability in complex environments.
Media, Entertainment, Change, Black Swan Theory, Crisis
Europe, Switzerland
Swiss Radio and Television, Media, Radio, Television, Travel and Leisure, Entertainment
Field Research
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