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Orchestrating Digital Business Transformation

Working in Concert to Achieve Digital Excellence
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June 2017

The Global Center for Digital Business Transformation is turning its research lens to a different set of questions that are top-of-mind for the hundreds of senior executives with whom we have engaged:

  • How should we execute our digital transformation?
  • Where do we start?
  • What is the sequencing of actions?
  • And in different areas of the business, what precisely should we change, and to what extent?

To address these questions, we are launching a new research project we refer to as “Digital Orchestra.” Just as conceiving of digital disruption as a vortex helped us explain how disruption changes the nature of competition, the analogy of an orchestra illustrates how to execute a digital transformation.

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Orchestrating Digital Business Success

To thrive amid digital disruption, a company’s executives must answer fundamental questions about the value they want to create – and their strategic options for getting there. By answering these questions, they set the strategic direction, the execution of which will require significant changes across many aspects of the business. These parts of the business – the company’s operating model – constitute the “orchestra.”

To learn more about the Digital Orchestra, read the full report.



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