In the Shadow of the Dragon

The global expansion of Chinese companies - and how it will change business forever
264 pages
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China’s vision of its place in the world is evolving fast. For the last fifty years, Western companies have dominated the international marketplace and have generally played by the same rules. But Chinese companies are increasingly determined to compete internationally with established Western multinationals. And while many of us may not have heard of these organizations yet, Western companies already find themselves increasingly challenged head-on, forming new alliances with Chinese partners or being bought outright by Chinese investors.

Strengthened by a large, surprisingly well-educated, low-wage workforce, extensive government support, increased education, and an impressive readiness to adapt with lightning speed, Chinese companies are using revolutionary tactics to take down their competition.

Written from the perspective of how China sees the world and how this vision relates to what is actually happening on the ground inside China, In the Shadow of the Dragon examines important factors involving China’s increasing international expansion. China is already having an important impact in the international world on everything from business to employment and there’s no going back now.

Featuring profiles of key players and eye-opening case studies, In the Shadow of the Dragon provides an in-depth analysis of where Chinese organizations are headed and where they will take the rest of us.


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