Your learning journey

Embark on an exploration of team dynamics & become the leader you aspire to be.

Your learning journey

Embark on an exploration of team dynamics & become the leader you aspire to be.

Embark on a journey to explore and reflect deeply. Your quest to become a more effective team leader will take you through nine days of intense experiential learning at IMD, in the Swiss Alps and back on our campus again.

In a richly intense and experiential week, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of behavior and how it triggers functional or dysfunctional team dynamics.

As you absorb and reflect on new ideas, you’ll also try out fresh techniques, styles and strategies. Consolidate your learning with peer interaction, group work and feedback, so you leave with a firmly grounded action plan for the future.

Three follow-up coaching sessions spread over the rest of the year will help embed your learning in your daily challenges. You won’t slip back into old habits or default patterns. In fact, your newly cemented tools will equip you for a lifelong journey of self-development.

Before your join


On campus

Exploring leadership

In the Swiss Alps

Exercises & feedback

On campus

Your path towards effective leadership

Back at work & home

3 coaching sessions

Experiential learning

Whether you’re in the classroom with faculty, debriefing with a coach or up in the mountains with peers, you’ll be applying these guiding principles: undergo deep experiential learning, develop self-awareness and practice “change begins with me”.

Learning in teams

Team dynamics are the core focus of this program and the building blocks of organizations and businesses, so most of your learning takes place in small and larger teams.

Integrated coaching

Opening up to coaches, faculty and peers, you experiment with different team leadership situations. You also benefit from one-on-one and team coaching. You develop a clear idea of how you can leverage your personality and experience to become a more effective leader.