Location IMD campus, UEFA and IOC Headquarters

Length 3 weeks liVe virtual (4h per week), 1 week face to face

Fee CHF 8,900

Next program starts 2 October 2023

Gain a comprehensive toolbox for innovation breakthroughs and build your entrepreneurial skills

What is the common thread between Yamaha, Alibaba, Microsoft, Uber, and Amazon? These companies are all clear leaders in their industries, and all embrace innovation and entrepreneurial thinking as part of their overall business strategy. To survive and maintain a competitive edge, companies must continuously innovate and re-invent themselves. However, innovation in theory is one thing but applying it in practice to real-world business problems is quite another.

IMD has partnered with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) to bring you the Innovation In Action program. You will put innovation and your entrepreneurial thinking into practice with a real-world innovation challenge, bolster your leadership skills, and apply what you have learned to your own business with a concrete action plan.

Uncover the secrets of innovation

Get hands-on training in ideation, design-thinking and prototyping techniques.

Learn the skills of successful entrepreneurs

Learn to deal with failure and iterate your thinking by making sense of experiments that donโ€™t work.

Turn promising ideas into business opportunities

Identify factors that can derail or slow down your efforts to innovate.

Bolster your leadership to lead innovation

Engage people in your vision with powerful rhetorical and storytelling techniques.

You and your class

This program welcomes participants from all industries. A typical class includes 50% of participants from sports and entertainment and 50% from other industries.

  • Are you trying to grow and sharpen your innovation capabilities as a leader or as a team?
  • Are you working for an established organization that needs to escape the business as usual and explore disruptive new trajectories and business ideas?
  • Are you facing deep customer shifts and searching for a toolbox that will let you imagine new experiences and drive change in your industry?


This program is designed for individual entrepreneurs, managers and executives who want to learn the mindset and skills required to steer customer innovations from early concept development to validated breakthrough solutions. It will appeal to people from a wide range of industry sectors, operating both within and beyond the world of sports and entertainment.

Boost your innovation and entrepreneurial skills

Put innovation and your entrepreneurial thinking into practice with a real-world innovation. See the program in action and hear from the program director.

Innovation skills are best acquired through concrete hands-on experience

During the program, partnering with UEFA and the IOC, you will practice innovation and hone your entrepreneurship skills. The program is delivered as an immersive experience at the IMD campus as well as 2 days at UEFA and IOC Headquarters in Lausanne. You will get the chance to meet and get inspired by renowned keynote speakers from the entertainment industry and top-level professional athletes.

Throughout the program you will be working on a concrete, real-world challenge and explore innovative ways to rethink customer journeyโ€™s during and after major sporting events.

Embrace design thinking and learn key innovation frameworks.
Dive into real-world innovation challenges.
Learn from inspirational industry keynote speakers.
Reflect on and improve your leadership style and effectiveness.
Your learning journey
Module 1 – Launch

Immerse yourself – liVe virtual classroom
3 sessions of 4 hours

  • Session 1 (2 Oct, 13:30-17:30 CET):
    • Kick-off
    • Think like a designer
  • Session 2 (9 Oct, 13:30-17:30 CET):
    • Understand what your customers want
    • Leverage power of new technologies
  • Session 3 (16 Oct, 13:30-17:30 CET):
    • Innovate the business model
    • Capture learning and define objectives
  • Individual coaching session (1 hour)
Module 2 – Design

Learn, apply and reflect – Lausanne area
30 Oct – 4 Nov 2023

  • 3 days at IMD campus
  • 1 day at a start-up incubator
  • 2 days at UEFA and IOC Headquarters
  • 1 evening at the Olympic Museum
Module 3 – Transform

Transfer learning to your own context – liVe virtual classroom

  • 1 individual coaching session (1 hour) between 23 and 27 October
Getting out of the comfort zone with a real-world challenge

Participants are given an innovation challenge in the kitchen. Limited resources, very few instructions and the task to bring something unique to the table. Participants loved it!

Participant reviews

I totally recommend this course to anyone who leads a team, not only sport professionals. The diversity of the group and activities bring the athletic mindset together with managerial style. The power of the group is a main takeaway as well as the ability to use the innovation frameworks. Also, being creative and working in a group helped me better understand the value each person brings in forming a great and complex project.

Diana Pirciu Vasile Head of Education, Federatia Romana de Fotbal, Romania

Innovation in Action shows you how to reshape your innovation approach and channel creativity to be more efficient. More than tools, you come back with powerful insights and an extended network to help you improve your impact. My top takeaway – embrace an ambidextrous mindset: manage the present and create the future!

Romuald Boillon CSR & Quality Director, CHANEL, Switzerland

Many organizations tell us they want to be fast, agile, and re-invent the value they can bring to business and society, but game-changing offerings are hard to come by. Most executives struggle to define what it means to be truly innovative. And they want tools that will help them keep up with the rapid pace of change occurring in their business environments.

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Cyril Bouquet Program Director
Cyril Bouquet’s publications
Next start & fee

Length: 3 liVe sessions over 3 weeks plus one week face-to-face at Lausanne campus, IOC, and UEFA headquarters.

2 Oct – 31 Dec 2023
IMD campus, UEFA and IOC Headquarters
3 weeks liVe virtual (4h per week), 1 week face to face (Lausanne)
CHF 8,900
2 Oct – 2 Nov 2024
IMD campus, UEFA and IOC Headquarters
3 weeks liVe virtual (4h per week), 1 week face to face (Lausanne)
CHF 8,900

Tuition, teaching materials, and lunch are included.
All fees quoted are exclusive of any value-added or other indirect taxes that may be due in any country.
IMD reserves the right to modify the program dates, location, and fee at any time.

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