Case Study

PepsiCo in Mexico (A): Managing in a storm

5 pages
July 2008
Reference: IMD-3-1989

Gamesa- Quaker’s Mexican cookie and snack business is sliding. The CEO is under intense pressure to turn it around. Case opens with his return from a management program in Europe with a new idea – “must-win battles”. Should he use this concept in an attempt to turn around the business? His team likes the idea, but says “let us do it”. How much should he empower them? The business is almost in crisis. Making the situation more complex, his team of six direct reports includes three young “baby vice presidents” – in their mid thirties and eager to prove themselves. Traditionally the CEO has been a very top down, directive manager. He thinks he should change his style dramatically. Teaching objectives: Examine the role of the general manager vis-à-vis his or her team in stressful situations.

Turnaround, Leading Change, Team Building
Field Research
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