IMD’s Global Alumni Network

The IMD Alumni Network is a close-knit global community. We aim to support and accelerate the leadership journey of participants beyond their engagement with our programs by creating value around two focus areas – lifelong learning and powerful business networks.

The IMD Alumni Network has a unique make-up of predominately senior leaders, business executives and board members – leaders who transform organizations and contribute to society. Our alumni have impressive corporate career trajectories and favor bold choices and entrepreneurial mindsets.

A learning journey toward becoming an alumna/alumnus

Obtaining alumni status from IMD is a formal recognition of the continuous learning and development of our alumni.

You qualify for alumni status by successfully completing a degree program (MBA/EMBA).

From January 2021 onward, participants will also receive IMD alumna/alumnus status by:

  • Completing an Open Program involving a minimum ten full days of interactions over time. Open programs automatically granting alumni status:
    • Foundations for Business Leadership
    • Transition to Business Leadership
    • Global Management Foundations
    • Advanced Management Program
    • Cultivating Leadership Energy through Awareness and Reflection (CLEAR)
    • Breakthrough Program for Senior Executive
    • Future Leaders
    • Transformational Leader 
    • Mobilizing People
    • IMD Board Director Diploma
    • Digital Diploma
    • Board Readiness Diploma
    • Bank Governance Program
  • Completing a Custom Program involving a minimum full ten days of interactions over time.
  • Completing a combination of Open, Custom or Online programs that cumulatively represent a minimum of ten full days of interactions over time.

How do programs count?

  • Face to face programs (Open, Custom): count for the number of full day interactions.
  • Real-time interactive programs (liVe Virtual): count for the number of full day interactions.
  • Online programs listed here: count as 2.5 days (as stand-alone programs and not integrated into other programs).
  • Sprint programs: count as 1 day

Will this affect the current IMD alumni?

No, this policy only affects participants starting programs after January 1, 2021. In the same way, days accumulated before this date will not be considered.  

How can I access alumni resources?

Once you have completed the qualifying program(s) and received a welcome note confirming your status, you will be able to access various IMD alumni resources using your MyIMD credentials.

For questions, please contact the alumni team

IMD reserves the right, at its discretion, to change or modify this policy at any time (for example by the addition or removal of programs that grant alumni status). Please check the policy periodically for changes.