Four IMD Professors among best-selling case authors for 2017/2018
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Four IMD Professors among best-selling case authors for 2017/2018

IMD once again recognized for excellence in pedagogy
October 2018

The Case Centre has just announced its top-40 list of best-selling case authors for 2017/2018. This year four IMD professors are among the world’s best business education case writers with Professor Kamran Kashani coming in at number two overall.

Number 2 – Professor of  Marketing and Global Strategy, Kamran Kashani (also listed in the previous two editions) 

Number 19 – Professor of Strategy, Peter Killing (also listed in the previous two editions)

Number 23 – Stephan Schmidheiny, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance, Benoit Leleux (also listed in the previous two editions)

Number 39 – Term Research Professor, Jean-Louis Barsoux (new to the list)


Case studies are a staple in business education around the world, and IMD has long been recognized to be among the best, winning numerous recognitions and competitions.

“In my experience, the ingredients (not a formula!) for a good case are twofold: first, an important management problem or dilemma that gives a focus to the case and challenges the student reader to find a resolution for it (these are what I call ‘life-or-death’ issues that truly matter in the real world and for which there no easy solutions); and second, a well-written short story around the management problem or dilemma that engages the student reader from the first paragraph to the last; almost like a good crime novel that keeps readers so engulfed they just can’t put the book down. In my experience both ingredients are essential,” said Kamran Kashani.

The Case Centre is the most prominent case method resource for business education worldwide. It holds the world’s largest and most diverse collection of management cases, articles, book chapters and teaching materials.

“Learning to live with ambiguities, dilemmas and fast-changing environments is what students need today. In that sense, case research becomes ever more relevant: we simply don’t have the leisure to wait for publications to introduce new knowledge in the classroom. On a personal level, the process is what really excites me, the intimacy developed with the case protagonists, the long-term relationships that often ensue, and the surprises every case brings…” said Benoit Leleux.

IMD faculty and research teams have a longstanding tradition of writing successful publications across a wide spectrum of management practices. The school and its professors have won many accolades over the years.

“The case method is an important element of the pedagogy at IMD. It allows us to provide real learning to executives through concrete and real-world business examples that our faculty members have explored first-hand,” said Anand Narasimhan, IMD Professor and Dean of Faculty and Research & Development. 

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