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IMD Professor Carlos Cordon releases new book “Strategy is Digital”

The book explores how companies can use big data in the value chain
July 2016

IMD Professor Carlos Cordon, with co-authors Pau Garcia-Milà, Teresa Ferreiro Vilarino and Pablo Caballero recently released “Strategy is Digital: How Companies Can Use Big Data in the Value Chain”.

The book presents strategies and practices to allow everyday companies to cope with the fundamentally changing landscape of business models and to take advantage of the huge business opportunities arising from the advent of big data. It develops several case studies from companies in traditional industries like LEGO, Yamato and Mediq, but also examines small start-ups like Space Tango, which is partnering with major multinationals to develop new business models using big data.

“Strategy is Digital” argues that businesses need to adapt and embark on their big data journey, it shows how to take the first step, and guides companies along the way. The book helps executives capitalize on big data and enables them to make intelligent decisions during big data transformations, giving their companies an essential competitive edge.

Get the book here.

Carlos Cordon is LEGO Professor of Strategy and Supply Chain Management at IMD. He teaches in IMD’s Digital Supply Chain Management.