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“My vision of entrepreneurship is changing the world”

One of Nigeria’s most successful female entrepreneurs discusses IMD and her career
May 2016

Olatorera Oniru, 29, is founder of, which Forbes recently called the upcoming Amazon of Africa.

She participated in a customized program that IMD led for Ericcson on executive leadership development, when she was head of Sales Governance for sub-Saharan Africa for the Swedish multinational telecoms company.

IMD recently caught up with her to discuss her career and IMD experience.

IMD: How did the IMD executive leadership development program contribute to your success today?

Olatorera Oniru: The program helped me develop and grow faster within Ericsson. Today, I’m utilizing the experience, knowledge and opportunities gained from Ericsson, IMD and other development opportunities I took part in during that period to develop and grow and personally.

IMD: What is your vision of entrepreneurship?

Olatorera Oniru: Entrepreneurship is leadership; the ability to build, innovate, motivate, excel and above all, to DREAM. My vision of entrepreneurship is changing the world – no matter how little or big that change is, it will be worth it, especially if it results in new technology, creating jobs or social change. With, we are increasing global visibility for African made products. This is a massive opportunity for designers and manufacturers across Africa to grow and a massive opportunity for the world to acquire unique, hand-crafted, original, African fashion and beauty products.

IMD: How do you think your company contributes to the rise of Africa?

Olatorera Oniru: is Africa’s #1 fashion-focused Ecommerce store retailing the very best of African designs to the world. is growing rapidly, employing more people daily and contributes to reducing the poverty rate. We support high-quality local manufacturers and employ locally. We train all our staff and invest significantly in their development. Some positions that were initially outsourced such as web development are now being managed locally. We strongly believe in the capabilities and growth potential of Africa and Africans. Africa will rise with strength, vigour and versatility from all leaders, entrepreneurs and citizens. The time is now to work and make the continent greater. Every industry needs to be pushing strongly for the growth and success of Africa.

Read a recent Forbes interview of Olatorera Oniru.

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