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A valuable platform for alumni takes shape in IMD’s Singapore hub

The first IMD Asia Alumni Day connects regional leaders
December 2016

Expanding in Asia continues to be a proud focal point for IMD. Since officially opening the IMD Southeast Asia Executive Learning Center in May of 2015, the Asian hub has brought the institute’s world-class, high-impact learning to executives across the region for custom and open programs. Beyond delivering executive education, the Singapore office is now turning its attention to reinforcing another pillar of IMD, lifelong learning. And this is being done by turning to the large number of IMD alumni based in Asia.

“Typically we’ve always conducted alumni gatherings by country,” said Simon Craft, Executive Director for IMD in Southeast Asia. “But Asia is increasingly an interconnected region where businesses and networks cross cultures and borders to find best practices and win-win partnerships.”

Given the power of expanded networking, the presidents of IMD’s regional alumni clubs (mostly organized by country) brought the initiative of uniting for an all-Asia event. Bringing this insight to life, IMD hosted the first IMD Asia Alumni Day in Singapore.

“This inaugural event brought together C-suite alumni in Asia to network and get updated with the latest in business research,” said Aaron Wong, President of IMD’s alumni group in Malaysia and Finance Director at GE International. “The best part was the interactive lessons that let us try out disruptive role playing to solve real business challenges with other alumni.”

IMD Professor Cyril Bouquet, who previously integrated a unique mega dive experience at the OWP program in Singapore, used the alumni event to unveil a new concept for exploring innovation, disruption and technology.

Alumni came from several countries including Australia, Japan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, The Philippines, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and of course, Singapore.

“Lifelong learning is a term that has always been around at IMD. Now with facilities in Singapore, it really feels like the institution is making a deeper commitment in Asia,” said Evelyn Stier, Director – Strategy and Communications at Siemens Pte Ltd.

“In Singapore, IMD is still building its reputation so these kind of events are most welcome,” said Masanori Katsura, Executive Director and CFO of Portek International. “Meeting with alumni is an occasion to gain access to insights we may not realize on our own.”

Objectives often vary when alumni sign up and commit their time to attend events. Some may have specific goals in mind, while others may just be coming to reconnect. Regardless, IMD events like this aim to offer a clear value proposition.

“In organizing our first Asia-centered event, we want to deliver a platform for lifelong learning and building powerful business networks,” Simon Craft said. “We hope that by sharing some of our thought leadership on the topic of tech disruption – which is taking place globally – we will help our alumni think about what their companies and businesses might do in the face of this disruption.”

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