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Participants discuss their enthusiasm for Advanced Strategic Management
February 2016

IMD’s Advanced Strategic Management (ASM) program helps senior executives develop the right strategy to make their business more successful. Participants are not only introduced to different strategic frameworks, but learn how to make strategic choices about which direction to take. The program also builds skills for communicating this direction and clarifying how it will be executed.

Recent participants commented on some key takeaways – and how the program has helped them in their work.

“The strategy frameworks we learned about were really useful,” said Christopher Ford, Head of Asset Management at Globeleq Advisors Limited. “I picked up some clear but simple ways of thinking about strategy that I will be able to use in my day to day work.”

“One of the things that stuck out the most is that strategy is a choice and a trade-off, “said Claudie Allaire, General Manager in Career Transition at Allergan in France.

For Jorge Zubialde, Vice President at Eaton Industries Manufacturing, the program will help implement change at his organization. “We worked on how to communicate and manage the significant change that will be an outcome of this strategic rethinking. We defined what role we as leaders have to play in this.”

“There are a lot of takeaways from the program,” he added. “I will finish my strategic challenge and set the course for the future for me and my company. I will operate differently on a day to day basis. I will take more time to step back and reflect on the big picture.”

The program features a number of unique learning experiences that support the strategy development process and build specific skills.

One approach is the “deep dive” – where participants test and develop their strategy with IMD Faculty and each other.

Gustavo Kremer, Managing Director at Ecco’Let, Portugal, found this particularly enlightening. “The deep dive was a great feature of the program. It gave me a different perspective of my challenges and now I have much more clarity on how to solve the problems that I have,” he said.

Given the importance of communicating a new strategy, participants also have a session with Shakespearian actors to practice effective communication.

“I really appreciated this session,” said Anushia Maharaj, Head of Client Access at Standard Bank. “I learned new techniques on how to engage my team.”

Participants are also enthusiastic about the entire experience.

“The program was a good combination of learning from professors and also from our peers. In addition, the diversity of the group allowed us to be immersed in other cultures,” commented Claudie Allaire.

Christopher Ford echoed this. “The structure, organization and the pace of the program were great. The team that delivers the program is clearly passionate about what they do. That passion comes across and is infectious.”

Take a look inside Advanced Strategic Management.  

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