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IMD places #1 in Open Programs in FT 2020 Executive Education Rankings

Showing remarkable consistency, the private academic institution has ranked in the world’s Top 5 for 17 consecutive years.
May 2020

IMD is ranked #1 in the world for Open Programs for the ninth consecutive year in the 2020 Financial Times Executive Education Rankings.

For combined Open and Custom Programs, IMD was ranked #3 in the world, making nine years in a row that the institution has placed in the Top 3 business schools. Going further back, IMD has been ranked in the Top 5 for 17 consecutive years, underlining the enduring quality and impact of its programs, as well as its global strength.

“This ninth consecutive #1 placement indicates enviable consistency at the top,” said Jean-François Manzoni, IMD President and Nestlé Chaired Professor. “We are grateful that our participants and clients hold our institution in such high esteem.”

IMD continued to perform exceptionally in many specific areas of the Financial Times Executive Education Rankings. For example, the institution gained positions in eight of ten program-related criteria for Open Programs, like “quality of faculty” and “new skills and learning”. It now also ranks #1 in “teaching methods and materials”.

Showing its commitment to innovation and adaptability in the past few months, many of IMD’s programs moved to virtual sessions in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. From its webinar series – Leading in Turbulent Times – to timely, topical articles by faculty, IMD is putting forth new offerings that augment and intensify its engagement in the virtual world.

“As we all face difficult challenges in the current climate, we recognize it is a time of great uncertainty, but also a time to push forward,” said Manzoni. “The case for continued executive education will be based on persuading clients that our offerings are aspirin not vitamins.”

The Financial Times special issue highlights ways in which IMD differs from other business schools, including that all faculty are actively engaged in executive education and that this makes up about 80% of IMD’s activities.

“We bring a scholarly mindset to our engagement with executives,” said Anand Narasimhan, Dean of Faculty, IMD, confirming faculty excellence. “We have been in executive education for 75 years, so we have a deep pedagogical experience in helping people learn.”