Two modules of 4 days
CHF 24,900
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21 October 2024

How to develop effective governance in today’s challenging banking environment

The nature of banking generates unique governance challenges. The financial crisis and the complexity of banking have highlighted critical challenges for board members of banks. Digitization has brought competitive pressures to new levels; fintech is pushing value creation needs ever higher. There is increased demand from regulators, themselves pressured by governments and the public.  

The erosion of customer loyalty and perceived value, plus the high impact of digital disruption are all contributing to a banking environment that remains volatile and uncertain. Yet it remains a key sector of most advanced economies, fundamental to the trust citizens place in the economy and the opportunity for all to benefit from much-needed financial services and credit. 

IMD’s Bank Governance program offers professionals in the banking industry an expert environment to debate, explore, and lead the change responsibly. In Switzerland, at the center of banking and digital transformation, you will join top finance and governance thought leaders and industry professionals. You will participate in highly stimulating case discussions and expert presentations, combined with the latest tools and frameworks, in a collaborative and confidential setting that includes senior leaders and experts from the industry.  

Each financial institution is unique, so your learning journey will be further enhanced by individual assessments, coaching, and simulations, enabling you to adapt the principles, insights, and learnings to fit your individual mission. At the end of the program, you will have the opportunity to undertake an optional and comprehensive assignment, graded by the program directors, to evidence your learnings. On successful completion, you will receive a letter attesting to your further commitment to the subject matter

Longer term, you become part of an expert banking community, offering you ongoing networking and professional events to effectively lead the way forward for your institution and the industry.

Banking governance in context

Understand the fundamental principles of corporate governance, the changing governance scene, and global environment, and how bank governance differs in major ways from traditional governance.

Governance challenges and opportunities

Identify unique challenges and risks faced by banks and boards of directors. Seize the opportunity to review and redefine your bank’s mission, direction, and business models.

Governance roles

Examine governance roles and responsibilities of bank board members and executives, plus the effective collaboration between board members, executives, and other stakeholders, principally shareholders and regulators.

Stakeholder management

Understand different stakeholder priorities and how to define and deliver value in the banking context. Work effectively with shareholders, regulators, external auditors, and other stakeholders, including the wider public.

Crisis leadership

Lead responsibly. Prepare for and execute effective governance in times of crisis and uncertainty.

Global governance

Learn how governance differs across geographies and regions, and how to effectively govern across multiple subsidiaries, businesses, and geographies.

Bank Governance participant profile - IMD Business School
Is this program for you?

Bank Governance will benefit you if you are:

  • A senior bank executive with governance responsibilities/C-suite member
  • A regulator or a regional/national supervisor
  • An executive board member/director in banking
  • A non-executive board member/director in banking
  • An auditor or legal counsel of a financial institution working with banks and their board


Your class is carefully selected to ensure a truly diverse group of global peers from the banking industry. Your class will become a trusted resource, encourage your learning journey and surprise you in many unanticipated beneficial ways both during and beyond your classroom experience.

Benefit from a complimentary profile assessment to see if this is the right program for you.

Your learning journey

Your journey consists of 2 modules of 4 days, with virtual and in-person events between the modules. There will also be some pre-program work, aimed at ensuring the effectiveness of your learning from day one. At the end of module 2, you will become part of the IMD board community and benefit from further exchanges with your peers during events.

Module 1: Modern banking landscape & governance: Fundamentals and systemic issues

4 days, on campus (21 – 24 October 2024)

  • Essence of banking: what’s so special?  
  • Global banking context and tensions: digitization and disruption, national/regional differences, and the changing nature of competition 
  • Bank fundamentals: mission, purpose and leadership (industry, client, executive and board leadership) 
  • Bank trilemma & tensions: shareholder equity, corporate leadership, stakeholder requirements and expectations 
  • Leaders and laggards: how do banks get in trouble? 
  • Structuring the board for performance: context, mission/purpose, values, ESG, ethics, roles, committees and key processes 
  • Structuring for collaboration: Fair Process Leadership 
Module 2: Modern banking landscape & governance: Director excellence

4 days, on campus (27 – 30 January 2025)

  • Reporting on intermodular activities: actions, insights and questions 
  • Key performance factors: hardware, software and peopleware 
  • Relationships and networks: how to build value 
  • Peopleware: importance of personality, character, and individual difference; understanding people, their ambitions, aspirations, and needs 
  • Peopleware: ethical leadership in banking 
  • Peopleware: self-evaluation and reflection: am I in the right place? Am I the director I wish to be? What kind of director can I be? 
  • Formulate an action agenda: commit to your leadership path and mobilize others 
  • Crisis management: the role of the board, executives, and outsiders 
  • Simulation: understand good and bad practices; generate better practices 
On-campus modules

Case discussions, lectures, expert presentations, simulations, coaching

Virtual and in-person events

Between modules and after the program: Expert presentations and discussions, networking events, cases from the field, application to your context

Post-program community

Continued exchanges within the expert banking community

  • Carlos Costa, Former Governor of the Central Bank of Portugal
  • Jean-Pierre Danthine, MD of Enterprise of Society Center, and former Vice-Chair of the Swiss National Bank
  • Johan De Wit, Board Member Beijing Bank (ING)
  • John Georgoulas, President ACEMPI, NED, and Former CySEC Director
  • Stefan Hohl, Secretariat of the Basel Committee for Banking Supervision (BCBS)
  • Marni McManus, CEO Switzerland, Liechtenstein & Monaco at Citigroup
  • Wim Mijs, CEO of the European Banking Federation
  • Nicolas Pictet, Chairman of the Supervisory Committee and Former Managing Partner of Pictet & Cie

The banking sector – whether international, European, or Swiss – regularly reminds us how essential and complex the topic of its governance is.  In a world undergoing major transformations (sustainability, digitalization, geopolitics), banking boards are obliged to continuously reflect and adapt their governance and corporate strategies, cultures, and practices.  The EBF is, therefore, very proud to partner with IMD in supporting this program, which offers a unique opportunity to learn, reflect, and exchange on the opportune and necessary changes in banking practices and their governance.

 - IMD Business School
Wim Mijs CEO, European Banking Federation

Our societies are confronted with huge challenges that concern all members of bank governing boards and managing committees. Bank leaders must develop a renewed understanding of the risks and responsibilities at stake. This program aims to ensure that bank directors and board members are equipped with the knowledge and skills that are necessary to navigate an environment of unprecedented complexity.

 - IMD Business School
Jean-Pierre Danthine IMD Distinguished Research Scholar, Director at Enterprise for Society (E4S), Professor at EPFL, Professor Emeritus at UNIL and Former Vice-President of Swiss National Bank
Messages from IMD

The role of board members is becoming more and more demanding, including and probably particularly for bank directors. This new comprehensive program for directors will give us an opportunity to examine the major areas in which directors must ‘up their game’ to help their organization to be at its best. And while bank directors can and often do attend board programs with directors from other industries, this focused program will enable us to select material and focus the discussions in a way that will make the program extra relevant and applicable for bank directors.

 - IMD Business School
Jean-François Manzoni IMD President, Nestlé Chaired Professor of Leadership and Organizational Development, Member of the Board of Directors & Chairman of the Nominations Committee, Keppel Corporation

Governance complexity for bank boards has grown exponentially since the 2008 crisis. The regulatory chapter is becoming heavier by the day, and still the board needs to devote its attention to its core duties: strategy, succession, talent management, capital allocation, etc. This unique program will help prioritize the board agenda, optimize committee work, and allow each bank board member to deliver his/her full potential.

 - IMD Business School
Michel Demaré Chair, IMD Foundation and Supervisory Boards
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Length: two modules of 4 days

21 Oct 2024 – 30 Jan 2025
Two modules of 4 days
CHF 24,900
3 Mar – 10 Jul 2025
Two modules of 4 days
CHF 24,900

Tuition, teaching materials, and lunch are included.
All fees quoted are exclusive of any value-added or other indirect taxes that may be due in any country.
IMD reserves the right to modify the program dates, location, and fee at any time.

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