Navigating your Family Enterprise into the future

Ensuring Family Enterprise competitiveness

Online information session with Peter Vogel, IMD Professor of Family Business and Entrepreneurship and Director of IMD Global Family Business Center

We live in times of disruption with an accelerating rate of change. Businesses across the globe are being challenged and taken off the market within years if they are not capable of adjusting to the new world.

Family-owned companies outperform their non-family counterparts and have a number of competitive advantages. However, they also face a number of unique challenges, in particular in times of accelerated change and transformation.

It is therefore of particular importance for the enterprising family to not only proactively address the internal challenges related to governance, succession and management of the family, business and ownership, but simultaneously look outside and take a strategic view of where they want their business to be in the near and far future.

In this webinar you will:

  • hear how to address your specific challenges and explore new opportunities to preserve and grow your family’s wealth
  • get the latest insights on owning, governing and managing your family enterprise, and how to anticipate change and disruption.
  • learn about IMD’s new program called “Navigating your Family Enterprise into the future
Meet your Family Business professor

Peter Vogel

Professor of Family Business and Entrepreneurship and holder of the Debiopharm Chair of Family Philanthropy, Director of IMD Global Family Business Center.

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