Country Customized Solutions

We propose customized solutions based on your country’s needs. There are three distinct stages of analysis, implemented individually or part of a cohesive package

Country Customized Solutions

We propose customized solutions based on your country’s needs. There are three distinct stages of analysis, implemented individually or part of a cohesive package


Special report

The IMD World Competitiveness Center undertakes customized projects for countries/states/regions not included in the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook to benchmark their performance against countries that are.

These projects are a powerful tool to help government and business leaders evaluate their economy’s performance. Selected results can be made public to enhance the visibility of your economy as well as its attractiveness to investment and talent.

Summary of the methodology

  • The rankings found in this report show how your economy is compared to the other economies in the World Competitiveness Yearbook
  • Overall ranking of countries
  • Competitiveness Factor rankings
  • Peer group rankings
  • A detailed analysis on the statistics and rankings written by our research team
  • The scope and focus to be decided in consultation with the client, e.g. descriptive, SWOT, policy recommendations
  • A detailed, 20-page overview of the economy
  • Compares the performance of the economy against others
  • Competitiveness landscape
  • Key attractiveness factors of the economy
  • Highlights the economy’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Summaries each criteria
Statistical Tables
  • Statistical tables of each competitiveness criteria (more than 330)
  • Allows the client to evaluate their position and performance within each

Prognostic Report

The IMD World Competitiveness Center undertakes customized projects for countries to assess their performance and thus examine the strategic aspects of their current competitiveness policies.

A prognostic assessment is a powerful tool to help leaders contemplate different alternatives to strengthen the competitiveness of their country.

Summary of the methodology

Policy analysis (multivariate analysis)

Assess the efficiency of current competitiveness policies.

  • Highlights specific policies to improve underperforming indicators
  • Develops evidence-based competitiveness policy recommendations
  • Provides advice to strengthen the competitiveness of your country by focusing on the optimization of key competitiveness drivers
  • Evaluate the impact of current competitiveness-relevant policies and strategies
Factor analysis

Assesses the competitiveness drivers of the economy

  • Collect and rank existing competitiveness indicators
  • Assess country’s competitiveness trends
  • Identification of key drivers of competitiveness
  • Assessment of the drivers of your country’s competitiveness
  • Benchmark against the most competitive countries

Simulate alternative competitiveness models to predict the ‘behaviour’ of particular indicators

  • Hypothesize about competing theoretical models of competitiveness
  • Observe the significant relationships among variables within simulation
  • Policy implications
Mini case studies

Explore the performance of leading countries within key competitiveness drivers

  • Overview of competitiveness trends of leading countries
  • Analysis of relationships among country-specific key indicators
  • Relevance for your country
  • Determine best practices
  • Optimize competitiveness-related strategic decisions based on best practices

Workshops & Mega Dive


The IMD World Competitiveness Center offers workshops focused on assessing and enhancing competitiveness by analyzing the factors that drive the potential for long-term value creation. The workshops facilitate participants’ understanding of their role in strengthening competitiveness by:

  • Exploring the main trends shaping the world economy today
  • Fostering outside-in thinking about the implications for their situation
  • Identifying strategies to create value
  • Highlighting the success factors found in the most competitive environments
  • Sharing best practices to enhance competitiveness
  • Examining results and priorities

Each workshop, which is typically one or two days long, is customized to meet clients’ expectations, interests, and objectives. Holding a competitiveness workshop in your country is an effective way to complement a special report.

Mega Dive

Each workshop is carefully co-designed with the client to identify strategies to generate and explore new ideas that have the potential to strengthen the competitiveness of any organization or of industry in general.

The dynamic nature of the Mega Dive means that participants are highly involved in three cycles:

  • Brainstorming
  • Prototyping
  • Presenting ideas

Through these fast-moving cycles, teams of participants across functions discuss their ideas energetically and purposefully to propose innovative and concrete ideas to improve the competitiveness of their organization or country.


Competitiveness Programs
A Mega Dive engages participants in the search for different paths to enhance the competitiveness of their country or organization.
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