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IMD MBA scholarship program: A commitment to diversity and impact

In 2019 IMD has strengthened its already substantial commitment to a diverse group of up-and-coming leaders who want to make a difference
February 2019

“We are absolutely committed to ensure the IMD MBA program attracts the best young men and women with an appetite to strengthen their leadership capabilities and move towards achieving their impact potential. To do this we know scholarships play a key role. They allow us to attract increasingly outstanding participants and to make our class even more diverse. We are not only interested in having a diverse group of people on campus, but we believe the world of business stands to benefit by having a diverse group of future leaders,” said Professor Seán Meehan.

This year more than 37% of the overall MBA class, and 56% of the women in the class receive scholarships. The average amount participants receive is CHF 30,000, while the range is from CHF 10,000 to CHF 85,000. CHF 1 million in total goes toward the IMD MBA scholarship program.

“I believe there are compelling environmental and economic drivers for transitioning energy production to cleaner fuels and renewables with long-term sustainability, including a more stable and efficient energy network and reduced climate change risk. In many ways, a small industrial revolution is just beginning – and I want to be a part of that,” said Adrian Safciuc candidate in the IMD MBA class of 2019 and scholarship holder.

Three new scholarships have been created which will benefit members of the class of 2019. Two are part of IMD’s partnership with the Forté foundation, which aims to increase the number of women in business leadership roles.

The third scholarship has been pledged by the IMD Alumni Club of Lausanne to support developing responsible leaders.

Another member of the class and scholarship recipient Jaco Jansen said: “My future aspirations are to serve in positions of leadership in business, making a positive impact on a global scale in a sustainable way, and to create opportunities for other people to reach their full potential.”

Existing scholarships are dedicated to increasing participation from students from Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Latin America, emerging markets, as well as India specifically. Others have been provided by the MBA class of 1976, IIAA, Nestlé (scholarship for women), MBA alumni in recognition of the late IMD Professor Stewart Hamilton, the CO-RO foundation, and IMD.

“I am keen to become an ambassador for emerging markets and navigate the challenges they face in the process of globalization,” said class member and scholarship holder Yizhe Xu.

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