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Switzerland is the leading country for innovation (Global Innovation Index 2017 rankings) and has evolved into a leading global FinTech hub, especially in the fields of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies (The FinTech Study 2018). IMD’s dynamic campus is situated in the international environment of Lausanne and our participants are constantly exposed to the local eco-system which includes technology and research programs such as CERN and the EPFL Blue BrainProject as well as NGOS and sports federations such as the WEF, Red Cross and IOC.

Numerous multinational companies have chosen to base their headquarters in this vibrant region, from the traditional finance and banking sectors to pharma and luxury goods as well as industry leaders such as Cisco, Nestlé, Philip Morris and Medtronic.

Lemanic Arc – the health, wealth and technological valley

Vibrant start-up community