Our mission

elea Center for Social Innovation inspires and encourages leaders in business, government and civil society to create social innovation in their respective areas of responsibility.

The center enables social innovation through the following:

elea Center for Social Innovation

The center’s distinctiveness builds on IMD‘s access to the corporate world and to business leaders, and on elea foundation‘s experience and capacity in philanthropic impact investing and on its network of social entrepreneurs.

Achieving social impact and innovation calls for inclusive leadership. Our partnership leverages both IMD‘s deep leadership development expertise and elea Foundation‘s philanthropic impact investment focus as well as its community of social entrepreneurs. The elea Center for Social Innovation at IMD should catalyze win-win situations between the two organizations in practical research and thought leadership, effective global networking platforms and in applying impactful pedagogy.

Peter Wuffli

Chairman of elea Foundation for Ethics in Globalization

Chairman of IMD Foundation


IMD is delighted and privileged to host the elea Center for Social Innovation. This center is created at a time that feels very much like a crossroads, where we need to think about new forms of capitalism with well understood and articulated, positive social impact. On the research side, IMD is committed to contributing to a better understanding of social innovation, its impact and how it can be supported and expanded. The center will be of great help on this front. IMD also has a role to play in the development of thoughtful and ethical leaders, and we are committed to broadening the horizons of the executives who come to IMD by helping them understand that they can do well by doing good. We are deeply grateful to the elea Foundation for their confidence and their support.

Jean-François Manzoni

IMD President