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Amrop was seeking to consolidate its position as a trusted provider of senior executive search and leadership services. To do so, Amrop partners and consultants needed to refine their ability to conduct strategic dialogues with board-level executives. The Trusted Advisor program, was designed to address this need.


β€œIn recruiting at the C-suite level, our partners have to deeply understand the constantly-evolving challenges of executives on the other side,” explains Amrop Chairman. “The partners have to be able to fully explore the thinking of C-suite executives, and what is important to them individually and to their organizations.

Custom approach

IMD provided concrete meaning to the definition of the trusted advisor. Trust is linked to behaviors, while advisorship relates to knowledge and skills. Integrating both traditional and innovative learning approaches, the IMD program focused on both elements and provided content synthesizing all the pieces of the trusted advisor equation.


Amrop chairman reports: “Since our partnership with IMD, we have a better understanding of our goals. The IMD program learnings have contributed to an increasing number of assignments at the C-suite level and a change of mindset within our organization. We have become more of a learning organization and have strengthened Amrop’s global network.

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