Our mission

The IMD CEO Learning Center aims to question, challenge and provoke learning by senior executives. The Center creates a safe space for leaders to discover deeper learnings from their experiences in a confidential community of peers. Its mission is to help CEOs transform themselves, their organizations and society.

"In today's society of rapid transformation, CEOs and senior executives have to shape and adapt their own leadership. Transformation is no longer a choice and leadership is the enabler. Leaders who think that learning is for others are destined to repeat history, not shape it."

Ben Bryant


Competence is critical for great leadership but not sufficient. Great leaders connect and empower. This requires a high level of self-awareness and constant learning.

Damien O'Brien

Egon Zehnder Ltd.

A CEO can learn – and should learn, because every day we have to be able to develop ourselves as human beings and as leaders. The problem is that our daily lives are so filled with long agendas, difficult tasks, and the challenge of keeping your distance and acting as if you have all the answers. At the end of the day, that prohibits you from learning. if you don’t think about this constantly, if you don’t concentrate on it, then you can go through a long time in your job as CEO without actually learning anything.

Hrund Rudolfsdottir

Chief Executive Officer

The learning CEO and leader is absolutely essential to the long-term survival of any organization.

Werner Geissler

Operating Partner
Advent International Corporation
United States

Retired Vice Chairman
The Procter & Gamble Company